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Essay format and style

Presentation of essays

1. Essay must be accompanied by an MA Assessment Cover Sheet. This should be the first page. An actual signature is not required, this can be typed.
2. Essay must be typed
3. Pages numbered
4. 12 point font, at least 1.5 spacing
5. Bibliography of books and articles mentioned
7. Consistent references in correct format
8. Tutor’s name and your name and ID as header on each page of essay

Matters of style
All assessed work must be consistent in presentation and typography, and should show mastery of the conventions for presenting scholarly work. You may use any of the following styles, though please note that a particular tutor may express a preference for one of these: MLA, MHRA, Chicago, and Harvard. The conventions for these styles are set out in the appropriate Style Book, obtainable in print and/or online. Students must ensure that their essays and dissertations conform to the conventions and apply these consistently. If you are using MLA style you may wish to consult The Purdue Online Writing Lab, which provides a useful guide to MLA.

You are also recommended to consult

Further resources

Departmental and University support for your writing and academic career