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Departmental contact details

During term time, all tutors set aside office hours during which they are available for consultation. Office hours are posted outside tutors’ offices. Students are welcome to visit tutors during these times without an appointment. If you wish to see your tutors outside of their office hours, you should email them to arrange an appointment.

Access the complete list of all English and CLS staff members and their personal webpages and the departmental main office contact details.

All students are given Warwick email addresses, which will be used by the Department for all communications. If you have another private email address please make sure that mail sent to your University email address is automatically transferred to your private one.

Below is the contact list for all staff members involved in postgraduate administration:


Role Contact Person
Office Telephone Email
Director of Graduate Studies Dr Emma Francis H511 024 7652 2403
MA in English Literature Convenor

Dr Stephen Purcell (T1 and 3)

Dr Mike Niblett (T2)



024 7657 3091

024 7652 3467

MA in Writing Convenor

Dr Chantal Wright (T1 and 3)

Professor Sarah Moss (T2)



024 7657 3092

024 7615 0338

MA in Literary Translation
Studies Convenor

Dr Chantal Wright (T1 and 3)

Dr Jonathan Skinner (T2)



024 7657 3092

024 7652 3346

MA in World Literature Convenor Professor Paulo de Medeiros H526

024 7652 4473

Postgraduate Funding Officer

Dr Rashmi Varma


024 7652 3666

MA Exams Secretary Dr Michael Meeuwis H529

024 7652 3268

MA Mitigating Circumstances Officer

Rachel Oelman


024 7652 4928
Taught Programmes Officers

Angela Nakra

Rachel Oelman

Sally Wallace


024 7657 4638

024 7652 4928