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MA Modules 2016-17

The following modules are those which we intend to run for the MA in 2016-2017. This is the best information that we have currently. However, the availability of modules is affected by staff leave and particularly at this level, where modules are based on staff research interests, it is very hard to replace the tutor if unforeseen circumstances arise. We are also unable to run a module if there is insufficient student take-up. We will let students know as soon as we can if a module becomes unavailable.

Those modules in bold can be taken as the compulsory Critical Theory module for the Core Module (which also includes the compulsory Research Methods course), and as optional modules.

Term 1

EN9A7 Drama and Performance Theory (Core)

EN942 World Literature and World-Systems: A New Model for Literary Studies (Core) - compulsory core module for MAWL students

EN964 Translation Studies in Theory and Practice (Core) - compulsory core module for MATTS and MATWCD students

EN911 Creative Writing

EN963 Petrofiction: Studies in World Literature

EN978 Writing for Children and Young People

EN9B1 Narratives of American Empire

FR932 Introduction to Pan-Romanticisms

Term 2

EN913 Feminist Literary Theory (Core)

EN938 Postcolonial Theory (Core)

EN908 Writing Poetry

EN920 Shakespeare in Performance

EN928 Poetics of Urban Modernism

EN971 Literary Translation and Creative (Re)Writing in a Global Context - compulsory core module for MATTS students

EN981 Writing about Human Rights and Injustice

EN9B3 Stylistics Workshop

IL901 The Medical Mind in Literature and Culture (IATL)

IL903 Practices of Translation: Or How to Do Things with Shakespeare