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1 This form provides a means of e-submission of your essay

2 This electronic submission does not constitute a full submission.

3 For a full submission, you must also hand in one copy of your essay and the email confirmation of your electronic submission by 12 noon on the deadline day

4 The hard copy must be an exact copy of the electronic version.


To complete your esubmission click the ’attach’ button below.
Attach your file. Please note that you can only submit documents in the format .doc, docx or pdf.
Please make sure that your uploaded document displays your own name on every page (e.g. as a header or footer).
Your attachment will be automatically prefixed by the system with your student ID number and module code.
Attach file
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Click the ’send form’ button.
After completing the form you will be offered a confirmation receipt. Please choose to receive an email confirmation.
When the confirmation arrives, print off the email and attach it to a hard copy of your submission. This should then be handed in to the English department by 12 noon on the deadline day.HARD COPIES WITHOUT AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
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Privacy statement
The data on this form relates to your submission of coursework. The date and time of your submission, your identity and the work you have submitted will all be stored, but will not be used for any purpose other than administering and recording your coursework submission.
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