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Applying for an extension

Can I request an extension to my period of registration?

If you are unable to submit your thesis by your end of registration you may be able to request an extension, depending on the course on which you are registered and the date on which you enrolled. Please see the relevant link below for specific information.

What information do I need to include in my extension request?

Your personal details

  • First name
  • Surname
  • University ID number
  • Course
  • Department
  • Funding body

Extension details

  • New submission deadline sought and reason(s) for request

Documentation required

  • Overview of work completed to-date
  • Detailed work plan
  • Evidence - covering letter, medical evidence (as appropriate), etc.
  • Supervisor's statement of support (email/letter)
  • Statement of support from the Director of Graduate Studies
Can I apply for a retrospective extension?

Retrospective requests for extension will only be considered in very exceptional circumstances. Students who do not submit their thesis by the end of their extension period (or do not apply for a further period of extension) will be contacted by Student Records Management in due course and, if no submission is forthcoming, steps will be taken for the student to be permanently withdrawn from the University.

What happens if my request for an extension is granted?

If approved, your University record will be amended to reflect the new end date. Student Records Management may approach you or your department with a request for further information if your submission is incomplete or if additional information/evidence is required.

What happens if my request for an extension is refused?

If the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies is not persuaded by the evidence provided, or is not satisfied that your situation is conducive to effective study/work on your thesis, the extension will not be granted. Student Records Management will notify your department and provide reasons for declining the request. In such a case, you will be required to submit your thesis by the existing deadline.

I can't submit my thesis by the original deadline, what can I do?

If you are not in a position to submit your thesis by the deadline, you would be advised to request to be permanently withdrawn from the University, but when your thesis is ready for examination at a later stage submit it with a ‘leave to submit’ request with support from your department. Requests for ‘leave to submit’ will be considered on merit - submitting your thesis late with the request does not automatically guarantee that your thesis will be accepted for examination. The Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies, who will consider your request, will need to be satisfied that there were good reasons for you to submit late.

If I don't submit or withdraw from the University, what happens next?

If you do not submit your thesis by the deadline and do not request to be withdrawn from the University, Student Records Management will take steps to withdraw you permanently from your course of study for non-submission of your thesis.

What else do I need to know?

Overseas students should be advised to seek advice regarding immigration matters before assuming an extension will have no effect on their leave to remain. They should contact either the International Office ( or the Students’ Union Advice Centre (

Students funded by a Research Council (as part of a 1+3 scholarship) should consult the Doctoral College, since the Research Council may not accept a request for an extension. Students sponsored by other bodies should be informed they will need to consult their sponsor about their extension request. The University will not be liable for any costs the student incurs as a result of an extension being approved.

Students should also be aware that they may be required to pay Council Tax during their extension period.