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Regulations and guidelines

Warwick Student Community Statement

Contact Hours Statement [subject to approval by Senate in July 2014]

University Calendar

Regulation 10 Examination Regulations

Regulation 11 Procedure to be Adopted in the Event of Suspected Cheating in a University Test

Regulation 23 Student Disciplinary Offences

Regulation 31 Regulations governing the use of University Computing Facilities

Regulation 36 Regulations Governing Student Registration, Attendance and Progress

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy Statement

Equal Opportunities Statement

“The University of Warwick, recognising the value of sustaining and advancing a safe and welcoming learning environment, strives to treat both employees and students with respect and dignity, treat them fairly with regards to all assessments, choices and procedures, and to give them encouragement to reach their full potential. Therefore the University strives to treat all its members, and visitors, fairly and aims to eliminate unjustifiable discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, political beliefs, religious beliefs or practices, disability, marital status, family circumstances, sexual orientation, spent criminal convictions, age or any other inappropriate ground.”

Sexual, Racial and Personal Harassment: Guidelines for Students

Policy on Recording Lectures by Students

Smoking Policy

Policy on the Timing of the Provision of Feedback to Students on Assessed Work

Regulation 38 Governing Research Degrees

Guide to Examinations for Higher Degrees

Guideline on the Use of Postgraduate Students for Teaching

Guidelines on the Supervision of Students Based Away from the University

Guidelines on Monitoring and Supervision of Research Degree Students