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Policies and Guidelines

You can read about the University's guiding principles on the Our Values webpage. Find ED&I related policies using the links below (or scroll to see more detail):

For a full list of University policies see the HR Policy Zone webpage.

You can also find ED&I related guidelines using the links below (or scroll to see more detail):

If you would like additional information on any of the policies or guidelines below, contact us and let us know.



Carers Policy and Passport

The University’s Carers Leave Policy and procedure (effective from 1 December 2020) outlines the process and eligibility of employees with caring responsibilities to request paid leave to deal with instances associated with their status as a carer. The Carers Passport has been designed to provide a framework to discuss individual circumstances and facilitate a conversation with your line manager or HR Business Partner.

Find more information on the Carers Policy and Passport webpage.


Dignity at Warwick (bullying and harassment)

We are committed to ensuring a working and learning environment in which all University members (staff and students) are treated fairly and with dignity and respect, and where bullying and harassment are not tolerated.

The Dignity at Warwick Policy outlines unacceptable behaviours and the process on reporting and dealing with inappropriate behaviour.

Find more information on the Dignity at Warwick webpage.


Disability and Mental Health Policy

This policy:

  • Sets out the University’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment for staff and students with disabilities.
  • Provides a framework to contribute to the ongoing development of an enabling environment which promotes positive mental health and wellbeing for all members and service users of the University.
  • Informs on legislation, definition of disabilities, and processes to be followed.

For more information, read the Disability and Mental Health Policy .


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

    This policy is a declaration of the University’s commitment to develop a fully inclusive University community which recruits and retains talented staff and students from all sectors of society equally.

    The ED&I Policy outlines:

    • The requirements of the duties placed on the University by equality legislation.
    • Leadership, management, and responsibilities.
    • Information regarding Equality Impact Assessments.
    • How we will consult, communicate and engage with all the Warwick community to advance equality in our everyday business.

    We believe that every individual in our University community should be treated with dignity and respect and be part of a working and learning environment that is free from barriers, regardless of age, disability, gender identity, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex/gender, or sexual orientation.

    For more information, read the ED&I Policy .


    Equality Impact Assessment Policy and Procedure

    The purpose of this policy guidance document is to provide information on understanding Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs), such as what they are, what the law says about them, and when one should be carried out.

    This document is complemented by a guide on How to Complete an EIA which explains the process of completing the required forms, such as an initial Screening Form, followed where necessary, by a full EIA. For further details, check the EIA webpage.

    For more information, read the Equality Impact Assessment Policy and Procedure .


    Trans and Gender Reassignment

    This Policy has been formulated to provide general guidance and policy advice to employees, students and managers about trans and gender reassignment issues.

    The Trans and Gender Reassignment Policy outlines

    • What gender reassignment/transition is.
    • The relevant legislation.
    • How employees and students can be supported when transitioning to a gender different to that which they were assigned at birth.

    This policy applies to all employees and students, including part time teachers, casual workers, temporary workers from Employment Agencies and contractors working on campus.

    For more information, read the Trans and Gender Reassignment Policy .


    REF2021 Staff Circumstances Disclosure

    As part of the University’s commitment to supporting equality and diversity in the Research Excellence Framework (REF2021), we have put in place safe and supportive structures for staff to declare information about any equality-related circumstances that may have affected their ability to research productively during the assessment period (1 January 2014 – 31 July 2020), and particularly their ability to produce research outputs at the same rate as staff not affected by circumstances.

    Find more information on the REF2021 Staff Circumstances webpage.


    Wellbeing Strategy 2020-24

    The Wellbeing Strategy was fully scrutinised by Warwick’s governing boards and given final approval by the University Council on 20 May 2020. It supports the principles for a holistic University approach as set out in the recently launched Universities UK StepChange framework for mentally healthy universities, and also supports the principles within the Student Minds University Mental Health Charter for every university to become a place that promotes the mental health and wellbeing of all members of the university community.

    For more information, read the Wellbeing Strategy 2020-24.


    Social Inclusion Strategy

    The University of Warwick’s purpose, to achieve excellence with purpose in education and research is supported by four strategic priorities: Innovation, Inclusion, Regional Leadership and Internationalisation. The Social Inclusion Strategy will help Warwick to re-imagine the original purpose of setting up the University in 1965, to ‘increase access to higher education’. Through this Strategy, the University aspires to remove economic, social and cultural barriers that have prevented people from working, studying and succeeding at Warwick, and to be recognised as best in class in its approach to equality, diversity and inclusion, for staff and students by 2030.

    For more information, read the Social Inclusion Strategy , Social Inclusion Implementation Plan - Strategy , and Social Inclusion Implementation Plan - Objectives .



    Carer Guidelines

    The University recognises that many of our employees will take on some form of caring responsibilities at some point in their lives. This guidance document outlines the support available to employees with caring responsibilities, to assist them in achieving a sufficient balance between their work and caring commitments.

    For more information, read the Carer Guidelines .


    HIV Guidelines

    The University is committed to equality of opportunity for all staff and students to protect and promote the health and wellbeing, enabling everyone to be their absolute self during work and study. We aim to provide a fair and supportive working environment that is free from discrimination and prejudice for employees living with HIV. The University accepts that it has a role and responsibility to raise awareness, provide information and advice on HIV or AIDS.

    For more information, read the HIV Guidelines .


    The Menopause: Support in the Workplace

    This guidance covers the symptoms of menopause, why awareness of menopause in the workplace is important, what support can be offered in the workplace, and resources.

    For more information, read the The Menopause: Support in the Workplace guidance.