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The Post-Graduate Staff Student Liaison Committee (PGSSLC) meets twice per term to address postgraduate matters within the English Department. Your representatives are there to speak on behalf of the student body, so please get in touch with the appropriate member to voice your academic concerns.

Postgraduate Representatives

The current Postgraduate Reps for 2023/24 are:

MA Reps: Siddharth Ganguly (English), Willow Horner (English), Ningtiao Lou (World Literature), Boning Sheng (English), Caitlin Barry (Environmental Humanities), Tom Gray (Critical and Cultural Theory) and Emily Shepperd (English and Drama)

PGR Reps: Nadia Backleh and Archana Vinod


Staff Members - 2023/24

Dr Ross Forman (Director of Graduate Studies)

Dr Emma Francis (Convenor MA in English Literature)

Dr Christine Emmett (Convenor MA in World Literature)

Dr Tess Grant (Convenor MA in English and Drama)

Dr Graeme Macdonald (Convenor MA in Environmental Humanities)

Professor Michael Gardiner (Convenor MA in Critical and Cultural Theory)

Dr Tess Grant (Senior Tutor)

Sarah Akhtaruzzaman (Subject Librarian)

Alex Breeze (Widening Participation Officer)

23/24 PGSSLC Application Form

If you would like to be a course representative for the 23/24 PGSSLC, please apply through the application form here.Link opens in a new window



MA Rep: Kimberley Richardson (World Literature), Chris Foley (English), Nate Cope (English and Drama), and Kishan Katira (Critical and Cultural Theory)

PGR Rep: Grace Rhyne (Chair) and Ruth-Anne Walbank (Secretary)

SSLC Portal

Duties & Responsibilities

PGSSLC 2023/24 Application Form

PGSSLC Information and FAQ

Schedule 2023/24

Autumn Term


Spring Term

2/2/24 @ 2pm

13/3/24 @3pm

Summer Term

20/5/24 @ 3pm

27/6/24 @3pm