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Please read the following thoroughly as this explains how you will create your timetable for 2018/19.

You will create your own timetable using the Seminar Self Sign Up System on Tabula. This means that you will choose which seminar you wish to attend for your given modules. Tabula will then create a timetable for you. This will be accessible via your personal profile on Tabula.

Module registration will open up on 24th September, and after this seminar self sign will be open from Tuesday 25th September! Please note that if there is a lecture applicable to your module, it will not appear on your Tabula timetable, until you register via EMR for your modules.

Please note that this sign up system will not work on a first-come-first-served basis as there may be some changes to be made to seminar allocations (e.g. if a particular time slot is over/under subscribed). Therefore, we reserve the right to move your seminar times, but this will only be done if it is unavoidable and we apologise in advance if this is the case. All timetables will be finalised by the beginning of term.

We will only take requests to change modules at that stage if in respect of a teaching clash.

Also, if anyone tries to sign up for a module they have not officially applied for, they will be removed!!

It will be your responsibility to check that your timetable doesn’t clash once created. We may not be able to accommodate requests for seminar changes after the start of term therefore, it will be vital for you to ensure that you have sorted out your timetable before the start of term. Please make sure you alert us to any clashes before teaching starts. If you wait until term starts, you may have to change modules altogether to a module which does not clash and has availability so you fulfil your credit requirement for the year (regardless of your interest in the module).

Many students made their module choices late, so do not be late with this process as we may not be able to rectify this for you once term starts as it will not be fair on those that have sorted out their timetables – we will not be moving any students after term has started to rectify a clash/issue for a student who has not created their timetable by the deadline!

See instructions on the right hand side on how to sign up for seminars via Tabula.

Good luck!!!

FOR 2018/19 eVision Module Registration System (eMR) - instructions

NB - 2018/19 assessed essay deadlines will be displayed once known - sorry that we cannot advise these now when you are making your module choices.

How to sign up for a seminar group and create your teaching timetable - instructions