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Unassessed essay 1

Choose one of the following essay titles or topics and write 1500 words. The deadline is the seminar of week 8, term 1; please submit in hard copy only. The essay is formative and can be used as the basis of your assessed essay/s and/or exam answers.

  1. Write a commentary on one keyword listed on or from A Heidegger Dictionary.
  2. Close read one poem from the module in relation to one of the keywords listed on or from A Heidegger Dictionary.
  3. Discuss Heidegger's proposition that poetry is a way of receiving from the world, a 'creating' or letting things appear.
  4. Write an essay on the relationship between 'thinking' and 'poeticizing'.
  5. Hopkins describes the access poetry gives to being in relation to 'inscape' and 'instress'. Discuss.
  6. Draw out the implications between loss and homecoming in relation to Heidegger's essays on Hölderlin and/or one of Hölderlin's poems.
  7. Comment on the relationship between poiesis and technology.
  8. 'Poetically / man dwells on this earth' (Hölderlin, 'In Lovely Blue'). Do you agree?
  9. Write a commentary on what Neruda calls 'impure poetry'.
  10. 'All art . . . is essentially poetry' ('The Origin of the Work of Art'). Discuss.
  11. 'Why are their beings at all instead of nothing?' ('Introduction to Metaphysics'). Discuss.
  12. 'The fact that the world becomes picture at all is what distinguishes the essence of the new age. The world appears as re-presentation 'for man'. In the classical age, to the contrary man is the one who is looked upon by that which is. Put simply: the gods or God used to look upon us and we had a perception that they he watched us; now we look at the world and we understand the world as that which we can see' ('The Age of the World Picture').