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Essays: guidelines





I. English Department guidelines

These, including guidance on referencing (citing sources within your text - i.e. which book/article and page number are you quoting; bibliography, etc.) and plagiarism, are to be found at the following link:


II. Or if you prefer

 The full MLA guide to citing references can be found at:


Essay writing

Always allow yourself time to plan and structure your essay carefully (it’s a very good idea to write your Introduction last, when you know your argument) and – especially important - allow time to check your work carefully and revise where necessary.

You should also write, for your own benefit, an abstract – a short paragraph summarizing the argument of the essay. [If you cannot do this, there is no argument!]

Double-space your essay.

Indent (i.e. press the tab bar) the start of every paragraph, and double-indent longer quotations.

NB: When you indent longer quotations you don’t need quotation marks around them.

Submit one copy.

The essay will be anonymous, but will have your student number on every page. Hide your name by sellotaping the bottom of the coversheet so as to hide your signature when you submit the essay.