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First Year Modules

EN101 Epic into Novel - Honours Variants – EN2J4/EN3J4
EN107 British Theatre Since 1939
EN121/EN2J5/EN3J5 Medieval to Renaissance English Literature
EN122 Modes of Reading
EN123 Modern World Literatures
EN124 Modes of Writing

In the first year, all Single Honours English students take four modules, which explore different routes into the subject. (NB: English and Theatre Studies students follow a slightly different route; see below.)

One route is through a cosmopolitan study of the Epic Tradition (especially Homer and Virgil, read in translation).

The second examines Medieval to Renaissance English Literature, from Chaucer to early seventeenth-century poetry.

The third, Modes of Reading, considers recent texts in light of approaches ranging from traditional questions of form and genre to current theoretical debates, such as those on writing and gender.

Modern World Literatures
surveys international literatures through the lens of modernity, from 1789 to the present; all first-year students are welcome to attend the lectures, whether or not they are taking the course.

Students may learn or develop a foreign language, to enable them to expand their personal skills and to explore the comparative elements of the literature programme more deeply. For further details, see here.
Students of English Literature and Creative Writing take Modes of Writing, the foundation for the practical elements of this degree. For further details, see here.

Finally, English and Theatre Studies take Medieval to Renaissance and one of Epic, Modes of Reading, From Text to Performance, or a modern language. In addition, they take two modules specific to their degree, British Theatre Since 1939 and, in the School of Theatre Studies, Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies. (Further information about the joint degree is here.)