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In Term 3 all students give a presentation

This is what you do -----

CHOOSE A PLAY not yet studied on the course that you want to present to the rest of the group.

  • - Email the title to your tutor - -- as soon as possible and we'll give it to the rest of the group. This must be a play from Drama Online.
  • - Email info such as directions to particular scenes that we will look at in the session. We'll all only read one scene from each play, and please feel free to be more selective as necessary.
  • - If the play-text is not available in the library, give us (in advance) a handout to have a look at in the session with some of the play-text on it (some scenes or pieces of dialogue), or come and see me about it in good time.
  • - Have something to focus discussion on in the session (perhaps some other material such as a source text [story or text on which the play is based], reviews, visual material, etc., or some questions, issues, and specific moments in the play to talk about). YOU are leading the discussion, and setting the agenda YOU choose. PowerPoint works well on Teams, if you'd like to use that; screen sharing is also simple and effective.
  • This is a chance to supplement the history of the postwar theatre that we've been building. It represents a chance to think expansively about the categories of people represented on the postwar stage. Think about what different story this play tells about the years we've been studying.