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In term 3 all students give a presentation This is what you do -----

CHOOSE A PLAY not yet studied on the course that you want to present to the rest of the group.

  • - Email the title to your tutor - - as soon as possible and we'll give it to the rest of the group.
  • - Email info such as directions to particular scenes that we will look at in the session.
  • - If the play-text is not available in the library, give us (in advance) a handout to have a look at in the session with some of the play-text on it (some scenes or pieces of dialogue), or come and see me about it in good time.
  • - Have something to focus discussion on in the session (perhaps some other material such as a source text [story or text on which the play is based], reviews, visual material, etc., or some questions, issues, and specific moments in the play to talk about). YOU are leading the discussion, and setting the agenda YOU choose. 
  • -Liaise with whoever is also introducing a play that day.

I can make judicious use of the photocopier where necessary and if GIVEN ENOUGH NOTICE! Give me handouts/ text and instructions at least the day before the seminar.

BEFORE THE END OF THE EASTER VACATION: Everyone receives a copy of next term’s schedules and information about how to get hold of the texts.

Term 3

  • - Try to have at least a quick look at the all of the works.
  • - Check for information/ handouts that you need to pick up in advance at least the day before the session. -----------------------------