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Collections Paper I, 2011/12

Collections Paper 2011/12 NON-ASSESSED ESSAY


Collections Paper : Winter Term 2011-12

Please hand in to your seminar tutor in the fifth week of term a brief comparison (max. 2000 words) of the following two passages, paying attention to how they are narrated and commenting briefly on any wider issues they raise in relation to the novels of which they are part:

a) The Sorrows of Young Werther, Book One, 18 August: ‘Did it really have to be like this? . . . all I can see is a monster, forever devouring, regurgitating, chewing and gorging’ (Penguin Classics edn, pp. 65-66).

b) Frankenstein, (1818 text), Volume II, Chapter II, paragraphs 1-5: ‘The next day, contrary to the prognostications of our guides, was fine, although clouded . . . . if indeed ye wander, and do not rest in your narrow beds, allow me this faint happiness, or take me, as your companion, away from the joys of life.’’

NB - The 1831 text version is only four paragraphs and begins 'I spent the following day roaming through the valley', ending: '...away from the joys of life.' Any of these passages is fine.

Please use a regular essay cover sheet and ensure your tutor’s name is inscribed on the front page. Students with a good knowledge of German could profitably discuss the Goethe passage in the original, though you may want to translate any lengthy referred excerpts into English.

Remember, don’t take too long over this exercise. Read the passages carefully and then give yourself ABOUT AN HOUR to draft the essay. You can use any edition.