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Collections Paper Two


Collections Paper II: Spring Term 2006

Please hand in to the English Department Office by the end of the third week of term a brief comparison of the following two passages, paying attention to how they are narrated and commenting briefly on any wider issues they raise in relation to the novels of which they are part:

a) Great Expectations, Ch.35, paragraphs 10 to 16: ‘“Pocket-handkerchiefs out, all!” cried Mr Trabb at this point . . . and like the man he was’. (Penguin Classics edn, pp. 299-301).

b) Madame Bovary, Part 3, Ch.10: ‘The bell was tolling. Everything was ready. . . . a vague satisfaction that it was over and done with’ (Penguin Classics edn, trans. Geoffrey Wall, pp.314-17. World’s Classics edn, trans. Margaret Mauldon, pp. 299-301).

Please make sure that your tutor’s name is inscribed on the first page. Students with a good knowledge of French could profitably discuss the Flaubert passage in the original.