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Revision Lectures

N.B. There will be no revision lectures in T3 of 2020. Alternatives will be announced via e-mail

2018-19 (subject to update for 2019-20 after T1)

There will be two revision lectures, in Weeks 2 and 3 of the Summer Term. These will take place in the same lecture theatre as the regular module lectures, SO.11 but with different times: 2 May from 10:00 to 11:00 and 8 May from 14:00 to 15:00

'Unannotated death files' - Please read before lecture

*Graeme's Annotated Files from Lecture:* Eurodeaths Annotated

The first lecture will focus on Section A of the exam. The rubric from the exam paper states:

"Comment on TWO of the following passages, paying detailed critical
attention to the way in which they are narrated, but also commenting on any wider issues
they raise in relation to the novels of which they are parts."

You choose TWO out of THREE unnamed passages. For the lecture on May 2nd 2019 please download and print out this (rather scratchy) file: Eurodeaths

Choose at least TWO passages to read and compare. (You may want to do all three for more practice). Try to go over them briskly, taking quick notes and perhaps devising a plan for your answer in 15-20 mins (the same reading time you will be given prior to the 2 hours you are allocated for the exam). Bring your annotated passages to the revision lecture.

The second lecture will focus on ways to think about preparing for Section B, and we will be taking questions about any aspect of the module, as well as rehearsing some main themes and issues we have covered.

The link for past papers is on the library website here.

The module code is EN2010. Please note that the format of the paper you will be sitting is that from 2009/10 onwards, where Section B allows you to write on ANY two texts from the module you wish.