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Lecture list 2024-25


Lecture programme 2023-24

Term 1

Week 1 - Introduction to Romanticism (Dr Anna Rivers)

Week 3 - Revolution and Democracy (Dr Emma Francis)

Week 5 - Romanticism and the Supernatural (Dr Anna Rivers)

Week 7 - Diversifying Romanticism (Dr Justin Tackett)

Week 9 - Poetry and Politics (Dr Anna Rivers)

Term 2

Week 1 - Introduction to Victorian Poetry (Dr Emma Francis)

Week 3 - Gender and Sexuality (Dr Emma Francis)

Week 5 - Poetry and Science (Dr Anna Rivers)

Week 7 - Nature and the City (Dr Emma Francis)

Week 9 - Preparing for the exam (Dr Emma Francis)


Below are archived versions of online lectures given in the years when Covid restrictions made in person lectures impossible. You may consult them as ADDITIONAL and SUPPLEMENTARY resources for the module. They are in no way a substitute for attendance at in person lectures this year. Some deal with content not fully focused on this year's module and even those which do offer a substantially inferior form of education and communication to the one you will receive at the in person sessions this year.

'Introduction to Romanticism', Dr Stacey McDowell

Part I 

Part II 

Part III 

'Revolution and Democracy', Dr Emma Francis

'The Sublime', Dr Stacey McDowell

Part I

Part 2 

'Romantic Print Culture', Dr Stacey McDowell

Part I:

Part II:

Part III: 

'Victorian Poetry', Dr Emma Francis

Part I:

Part II: 

'Gender and Sexuality', Dr Emma Francis

Part I:

Part II: 

'Poetry and Science', Dr Jen Baker

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'Nature and the City', Dr Emma Francis

Part I:

Part II: