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Exam 2015-2016

Exam paper

The exam is TWO hours long; there is no reading time. You will be given eight questions and must choose TWO questions to answer. Unless the question directs you otherwise, you must discuss at least TWO and no more than FOUR poems in each answer.

You cannot repeat material from assessed work in your exams.

In choosing poems/poets to revise, please bear in mind that your work across the module must show a range of engagement (that is, you must engage with several poets from the module). If your assessed essay explored 2-3 poets, your exam can be more focused (one answer might focus on two poets; the second only on one); if your assessed essay explored only 1 poet, your exam needs to show more range (both answers should focus on at least two poets each). Either way, the exam rubric requires you to discuss at least two and no more than four poems (not poets).

Past papers

The exam has been scheduled for May 19 at 14.00, Panorama Room, by the Exams Office. See the Exams Timetable for more information.

There are two revision sessions:

Friday April 29, 12.30-2, H522

<second time to be confirmed>

Please bring pen and paper as the sessions include writing out practice answers

Revision handout (PDF Document)