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Please remember the following when submitting your dissertation: 

  • The dissertation should be 9000 words: the word count does not include footnotes, bibliography or appendices.

The usual rules apply about wordcount as per all other essays - tutors will allow a discretionary 10% short-fall or extension of the word-length. However, a tutor will stop reading an essay once the 10% extension has been reached. However, please note that the penalties detailed below will be made in the following circumstances:

- 5 marks will be deducted for an essay 10-15% over/under the required wordcount

- 10 marks will be deducted for an essay 15-50% over/under the required wordcount

- 20 marks will be deducted for an essay more than 50% over/under the required wordcount

  • You must include a short (250 word) abstract of your dissertation: this is not included in the word count.
  • Please remember to include: a title page; an abstract; a contents page; a bibliography.
  • You may include books in your bibliography that you do not cite in your dissertation, but that have been formative in your thinking.
  • You should ideally follow MLA style when formatting your dissertation, but include a bibliography - click here for a brief guide.
  • Your dissertation should be submitted via Tabula, just like other UG essays. NO hard copy is required.
  • If you wish, you wish to preserve your dissertation in hard copy form and this may be useful, in particular, for any student who thinks they may apply for Masters or Doctoral study in the future as a prospective supervisor or admissions officer may ask to see it. It is also possible that, particularly in the case of students who are discussing visual texts in their dissertation, markers may ask to see a hard copy if one is available. Should you wish to preserve a hard copy, it should be bound in some way - either spiral bound or soft covered. Commercial services are available to do this or the University binding service at Warwick Print (on the Westwood campus) will do this for you for a small fee.