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Week by Week Syllabus

Term One

Week 1: Introduction


Week 2: Centlivre, Bold Strike for a Wife

Week 3: Gay, The Beggar’s Opera

Week 4: Sheridan, The Rivals

Week 4: Inchbald, Lovers' Vows


The Novel

Week 7: Richardson, Pamela

Week 8: Cleland, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure

Week 9: Burney, Evelina

Week 10: Inchbald, A Simple Story

Term 2

Week 1: Tess and David: Wiki workshop

Week 2: Swift, "Description of a City Shower" and “The Lady’s Dressing Room”; Montagu, “The Reasons that Induced Dr. S— to write a Poem called the Lady’s Dressing Room”

Week 3: Pope, "The Rape of the Lock" and “Epistle to a Lady”; Anne Ingram, "An Epistle to Mr. Pope"

Week 4: Swift, Gulliver’s Travels and A Modest Proposal

Week 5: Visual satire: Hogarth, A Harlot's Progress; Gillray, Un petit souper a la Parisienne, The King of Brobdingnag and Gulliver, Sin, Death, and the Devil, and Very Slippy Weather.


Space and Landscape

Week 7: Thomson, The Seasons (“Spring”); Duck, The Thresher’s Labour; Collier, The Woman’s Labour

Week 8: Johnson, Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland; Boswell, Journal of a Tour of the Hebrides

Week 9: Gray, “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”; Goldsmith, “The Deserted Village”; Crabbe, “The Village”

Week 10: Austen, Mansfield Park

Term Three

Week 2: revision class