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Session 4: Medieval Otherworld

The Theology Reading Group

invites you to their next meeting

on Monday 6th February at 5 pm (Room H 501).

This time, our texts will be

Dante's Purgatorio, Canto 3. and Thomas Aquinas's Summa contra gentiles, I. 9-14.


In our next meeting we will enter the thrilling world of Mediaeval Scholastic Theology, one of the most memorable attempts on humanity’s part to make rational sense of faith. Is a belief in the otherworld compatible with the philosophic spirit of disinterested inquiry, or is faith the threshold at which rationality must stop? Can we imagine what this otherworld would look like?


We will approach these and related questions through two of the most overwhelming production of Catholicism, Aquinas’s Summa contra gentiles and Dante’s Divina Commedia. We will be reading short excerpts from each work and discuss their relationship and some of the theological and rhetorical issues they raise.

Chair: Andrea Selleri

You can download the text from our Reading material page.