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The CoRAL Reading Group is an entirely open forum inclusive of members of the University of Warwick, surrounding community, and members of other university members. Previously called the Theology Reading Group, it was originally established in 2009 by Nazry Bahrawi, beginning with topics ranging from the translation of the sacred texts through to ecotheology to religious orthodoxy and Ginsberg's Howl. In June 2011 the members of the group organised a conference "Religious Identities in Literature", which brought to Warwick leading scholars from other universities.

In 2011-2012 a group of postgraduate students from the English and Comparative Literary Studies Department restarted the TRG with a view of creating a lively space for the academic discussion of relations between religion and culture. Joanna Rzepa, Máté Vince, and Sophie Rudland developed an informal and interdisciplinary group that focused on selected reading materials on agreed-upon themes.

In 2013-2014, the group was taken on by two new PhD students working on religion and literature: Matthew Rumbold and Kathryn Wills. In May 2014 the group organised a conference on "Questioning Religion", which again brought to Warwick leading scholars from other universities. Matthew Rumbold convened the group until 2015. The group was renamed CoRAL Reading Group in 2017, and convened by Liam Lewis and Louise Campion. The 2022-2023 program will be announced in September 2022.