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Session 7: New Atheism

The Theology Reading Group invites you to their next session


Wednesday, 13th June, 4.30 p.m.

in the Wolfson Research Exchange

The topic of this session is New Atheism.


In recent years a number of books defending atheistic views have become popular best sellers, sparking debates in academia and popular media. A backlash against the new ‘New Atheism’, led by theologians and apologists, inevitably followed. In this session we will discuss examples from both sides of the debate.


This image, Russell's teapot, is an analogy coined by philosopher Bertrand Russell to illustrate the idea that the philosophical burden of proof rests with the person making scientifically unfalsifiable claims. The image has since been appropriated by supporters of the New Atheism.

A handout for the session containing extracts and questions for discussion can be downloaded from our Reading Materials page. For those who have the time, the full readings (available from our Reading Materials page) for the session are:

Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, Chapter 4

Karen Armstrong, The Case for God, Chapter 1

Terry Eagleton, Review of the God Delusion

The chair is Adam Slavny from the School of Law.