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Currently, CE is engaged in the development of an Environmental Humanities Network (EHN) across the University of Warwick, with an ongoing seminar series this year (2019-20) focused on "Excavating the Anthropocene." Please see the EHN page for links to the current program, with information on events, funding opportunities, participating departments and programs, and network members.

CE is also constituted by the intersections between the research and teaching interests of its members: Nick Lawrence (world-ecology and world-literature, ecopraxis, green aesthetics), Emma Mason (religion and ecology, theories of affect), Graeme Macdonald (petrocultures), Pablo Mukherjee (city planning, urban infrastructures and violence; natural disasters and empire), Mike Niblett (world ecology in Caribbean literary studies; global commodity frontiers and world literature), and Jonathan Skinner (ecopoetics, sound and animal studies).