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Research Seminar Series: Workshop on the Anthropocene with David Farrier (Edinburgh)

1pm - 2pm, Thu, 02 May '19
Location: H3.55

David Farrier, University of Edinburgh, will lead a workshop on the anthropocene. Please email Jonathan Schroeder to sign up.

Mon 29 Apr 2019, 23:03

Research Seminar Series: David Farrier (Edinburgh), “Footprints: In Search of Future Fossils”

3pm - 4pm, Thu, 02 May '19

Location: OC1.04

David Farrier will deliver a talk, "Footprints: In Search of Future Fossils." Farrier is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. His most recent books consider the new reality of the Anthropocene. Anthropocene Poetics: Deep Time, Sacrifice Zones, and Extinction (Minnesota, 2019) is a study of contemporary environmental poetry, and Footprints: In Search of Future Fossils (4th Estate/Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2020), written for a general readership, explores what traces of present societies will persist in the deep future. He is particularly interested in how literature, including poetry, responds to the challenges of the Anthropocene. Farrier is also the author of Postcolonial Asylum (Liverpool, 2011) and Unsettled Narratives (Routledge, 2007) and has published widely in the fields of ecocriticism and postcolonial studies.

Mon 29 Apr 2019, 23:00


The Wordsworth Reading Group will hold four meetings in the latter half of Term 3 (2018) to read and discuss Wordsworth's poems "The Ruined Cottage" and The Prelude (1805 version), along with some supplementary texts. Poet, critic and former Warwick University librarian Peter Larkin will join us for three of these meetings. If you are interested in joining the group, please come to our first meeting Thursday 7 June from 4 to 5:30pm in G.01, Millburn House (see announcement detail for readings). Also please send an email to Jonathan Skinner indicating your interest:

Wed 06 Jun 2018, 17:29



with STEPHEN COLLIS (Professor, Simon Fraser University)
and PATRICK BARRON (Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston)
9-10 May 2018

Over the course of this special, two-day event, Professors Stephen Collis and Patrick Barron will present creative and critical work around landscapes of the Anthropocene—threatened, enclosed, abandoned, occupied, reclaimed, irrevocably humanized more-than-human commons—and lead discussions about the new kinds of solidarity and resources called forth in and through environmental writing in a time of accelerated climate change and intensified pressure on the planetary commons.

Sponsored by the Critical Environments research group and by the Warwick Writing Program in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Warwick

Wed 25 Apr 2018, 11:43

"The Plight of Climate Refugees: Rising Seas, Melting Ice, and Inadequate Legal Protections"

Professor Randall Abate (Florida Agricultural and Medical University College of Law, Orlando)

Friday 14th October, 4pm
Location: S0.19

Sponsored by Politics and International Studies (PAIS)

Tue 04 Oct 2016, 12:25

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