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Film & TV Studies MOVIE: A Journal of Film Criticism

Movie issue 7 cover

In addition to our general call for papers and audiovisual essays, the journal is currently inviting work for themed dossiers that respond to the following topics: (i) Focus and contemporary film style; (ii) Intention in film and television criticism; (iii) Digital moments. Learn more here.

Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism is the successor to Movie, the print journal that was edited, designed and published by the late Ian A. Cameron from 1962 to 2000.

All rights in the original Movie are the property of Cameron & Hollis. Please see for more information and for details of back issue availability.

Issue 8

Note: Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism is moving to a rolling publication model, meaning that further submissions will be accepted and continue to be published throughout the year.


Full Issue

Download issue as one file here.



Moments Apart
James Walters

Inarticulate lives: a reading of the opening to Terence Davies’ The Long Day Closes
Benedict Morrison

Fold upon fold: figurative logics and critical priorities in Nicole Brenez’s work on Abel Ferarra
Dominic Lash

Manhattan Melodrama (W.S. Van Dyke, 1934)
Michael Walker

Badness: an issue in the aesthetics of film
V. F. Perkins (edited by Andrew Klevan)



John Gibbs

Ian Cameron
(24 July 1996)

V. F. Perkins
(22 May 1997)

Charles Barr
(19 June 1997)

Alan Lovell
(13 April 1999)


Audiovisual essays

'Say, have you seen the Carioca?’ An experiment in non‐linear, non‐hierarchical approaches to film history
By John Gibbs (author's statement here.)


Three Video Essays on Lighting and Time
By Patrick Keating (author's statement here.)





This issue coordinated by Andrew Klevan and Douglas Pye, and designed by Martha Macri.

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ISSN 2047-1661