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Past Issues

Issue 10. 2022-23


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The Lumet Touch
Gary Bettinson

Loneliness in the films of Aki Kaurismäki
Jaakko Seppälä

The uses of perplexity: A conversation with Robert B. Ray on the art of film, music and pedagogy
Trevor Mowchun


Student Essays

Approaching the Unapproachable: The Cinema of Mass Shootings & the Limits of Classical Form
Leo Kim


Audiovisual essays

Dance, Camera, Dance: Directorial Choreography in the Live Anthology Drama

Peter Labuza (author's statement)


The V. F. Perkins Dossier

Andrew Klevan

The Phantom Thread of Victor Perkins
Adrian Martin

The World of Film and World Particles in the Criticism of Victor Perkins
George Toles

Integrating Criticism into the Philosophy of Art: V. F. Perkins, Dead Poets Society, and 'Value Interaction'
Andrew Klevan

V.F. Perkins and Television
James Walters

Why did Film Studies ignore Perkins?
Robert B. Ray

Upstairs, Downstairs: Victor Perkins and Nicholas Ray's Domesticity
Murray Pomerance


Dossier: The Politics of Close Analysis, and its Object

Lucy Fife Donaldson and Lisa Purse

Eileen Rositzka, 1988-2021
Lisa Purse and Lucy Fife Donaldson

The spirits of African cinema: redemptive aesthetics in Mati Diop's Atlantics
Rosalind Galt

Tracing the threads of influence: George Hoyningen-Huene and Les Girls (1957)

Lucy Fife Donaldson (author's statement)

No compromise: Jan Němec's rough diamond
Anne Rutherford

Roundtable - Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism and the past, present, and future of film criticism
Lucy Fife Donaldson, John Gibbs, Lisa Purse, Doug Pye, Girish Shambu


This issue edited by Lucy Fife Donaldson and Lisa Purse, and designed by Adam Powell with Kate Stolyarova.

Issue 9. 2020-21

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Close to you: Notorious Proximity in Cinema
Murray Pomerance

'A fair curve from a noble plan': Certain Women
Dominic Lash

El Sur (The South), or the Memory of Cinema
George Kouvaros

Two Rode Together
Deborah Thomas

Nonprofessional Acting in El Perro
Miguel Gaggiotti

A Plea for Intention: Stanley Cavell and Ordinary Aesthetic Philosophy
Kyle Barrowman

'Why Does It Look Like This?' A Visual Primer of Early CinemaScope Composition
Marshall Deutelbaum

Closing Choices in Hostiles: Stepping onto a Moving Train
David G. Hughes


Student essays

Kathrina Glitre

Ozu's frames: Form and narrative in Late Spring
Joshua J. Taylor


Audiovisual essays

Desegregating the Two Shot: The Use of the Frame in The Defiant Ones

Henry Rownd (author's statement)


Music and Point of View in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

By Patrick Keating (author's statement)


The Sacred and the Profane: Visualising Patriarchal Capitalism in There Will Be Blood

By Ryan Bedsaul (author's statement)


This issue coordinated by Alex Clayton and Kathrina Glitre, and designed by Elizabeth Johnston.

Issue 8. June, 2019

issue cover

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Moments Apart
James Walters

Inarticulate lives: a reading of the opening to Terence Davies’ The Long Day Closes
Benedict Morrison

Fold upon fold: figurative logics and critical priorities in Nicole Brenez’s work on Abel Ferarra
Dominic Lash

Manhattan Melodrama (W.S. Van Dyke, 1934)
Michael Walker

Badness: an issue in the aesthetics of film
V. F. Perkins (edited by Andrew Klevan)



John Gibbs

Ian Cameron
(24 July 1996)

V. F. Perkins
(22 May 1997)

Charles Barr
(19 June 1997)

Alan Lovell
(13 April 1999)


Audiovisual essays

'Say, have you seen the Carioca?’ An experiment in non‐linear, non‐hierarchical approaches to film history
By John Gibbs (author's statement here.)


Three Video Essays on Lighting and Time
By Patrick Keating (author's statement here.)





This issue coordinated by Andrew Klevan and Douglas Pye, and designed by Martha Macri.

Issue 7. May, 2017


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Opening Choices

Edward Gallafent & John Gibbs

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Significantly Ordinary
Nathaniel Deyo

Rio Bravo: Dude Walks into a Saloon 
Pete Falconer

Similar Means to Different Ends: Lola Montés as a Punch in the Gut
Anthony Coman

Intimacy, ‘Truth' and the Gaze: The Double Opening of Zero Dark Thirty
Christa Van Raalte

Under the Skin: Cosmology and Individuation
Catherine Constable

Otto Preminger's Hand in the Initial Moments of Bunny Lake is Missing
Lola Breaux



Intoxicating Stagecraft: Billy Wilder's The Lost Weekend and the Mysteries of Theatre in Film
George Toles

Daisy Kenyon (Otto Preminger, 1947)
Michael Walker


V. F. Perkins, 1936-2016: A Tribute

A Tribute to V. F. Perkins
Editorial board

Charles Barr

The Cinema of Nicholas Ray
V. F. Perkins

Letter From an Unknown Woman
V. F. Perkins


Audiovisual Essays

The Phantom Carriage: A Revaluation, Parts 1 & 2 (Read authors' statement here.)
John Gibbs and Douglas Pye

Motifs of Movement and Modernity (read author's statement here.)
Patrick Keating

Opening Choices: Notorious (read the authors' statement here.)
John Gibbs and Douglas Pye



This issue edited by Edward Gallafent and John Gibbs. Designed by Katy O’Hare.

Issue 6. December, 2015

Image issue 6 cover


Use No Hooks: Maurice Pialat / Manny Farber
Adrian Martin

Only in Dreams: The Big Sleep and Hollywood Fantasy
Nathaniel Deyo

Déjà Vu: Textures of Time
Steen Ledet Christiansen


Moments of Texture

Lucy Fife Donaldson

Brokeback Mountain: A Toast
Adam O'Brien

Surfaces, Textures and the Long Take in Death Line
Ian Banks

Reading Space in Cracker
Lucy Fife Donaldson

Passing Time in Frances Ha
James Zborowski


The Best Years of Our Lives: A Dossier

James MacDowell

Among My Souvenirs: Couples, Conventions and the America to Come in The Best Years of Our Lives
Nicolas Pillai

Performance and Style in The Best Years of Our Lives
Sarah Thomas

Black Extras in The Best Years of Our Lives
Steve Neale

Viewing the World in Till the End of Time
Edward Gallafent


Book Reviews

A Companion to Jean-Luc Godard (Tom Conley, T. Jefferson Kline, eds)
Douglas Morrey

Découpage (Timothy Barnard)
Douglas Pye


This issue edited and designed by Lucy Fife Donaldson and James MacDowell.

Issue 5. December, 2014.

movies issue 5 cover2


The Art of Indirection in Trouble in Paradise
Andrew Klevan

Dear Friend: The Shop Around the Corner and In the Good Old Summertime
Josh Cluderay

The Inexpressible: The Sense of the Metaphysical in The Thin Red Line
Katerina Virvidaki

Complex Staging: The Hidden Dimensions of Roy Andersson’s Aesthetics
Julian Hanich


Jim Hillier: 1941 – 2014 - A Tribute

A Tribute to Jim Hillier
Editorial Board

Jim Hillier

Ma Nuit chez Maud
Jim Hillier


This issue edited by Alex Clayton and Kathrina Glitre. Design by Lucy Fife Donaldson and Kathrina Glitre.

Issue 4. June, 2013.

James Movie


Regional Horizons in The Last Detail
Adam O'Brien

Luxury and Largesse in Film
George Toles

Talking Space in Vertigo
Murray Pomerance

Play It Again, Butch, Cricket, Chick, Smoke, Happy...: The Performances of Hoagy Carmichael as a Hollywood Bar-room Pianist
Ian Garwood

Rereading A Countess from Hong Kong: Action, Speech, and Style in Charlie Chaplin's Final Feature
Donna Kornhaber


Opening Shots

Only Yesterday
Charles Barr

The Wonderful Country
Pete Falconer


Andrew Sarris: A Tribute

The Devil and the Nun
Andrew Sarris


A Robin Wood Archive (2)

Mashed Marlowe
Robin Wood

Controlling the Situation
Robin Wood

Poet of the Cinema
Robin Wood

Mad Smile of a Hollow Civilisation
Robin Wood

A Matter of Life and Death
Robin Wood


Issue edited by Andrew Klevan and Victor Perkins. Designed by Lucy Fife Donaldson, John Gibbs, and James MacDowell.

Issue 3. January, 2012.

movie issue 3 cover2


The Fritz Lang Dossier, Part 2

Rush to Judgement: Imperfect Justice in Fury (1936)
Stella Bruzzi

You Only Live Once (1937)
V. F. Perkins

Going Straight: The Past and the Future in The Return of Frank James (1940)
Edward Gallafent

The Woman in the Window (1944)
Mark Rappaport

Guess-Work: Scarlet Street (1945)
Adrian Martin

The Big Heat: Acts of Violence (1953)
Peter William Evans

Human Desire (1954)
Deborah Thomas

Lang With Lacan: The Power of the Gaze in Moonfleet (1955)
Peter Benson


Bonjour Tristesse and the Expressive Potential of Découpage
Christian Keathley

The Texture of Performance in Psycho and its Remake
Alex Clayton

The Cry of the Owl: Investigating Decision-Making in a Contemporary Feature Film
John Gibbs


Issue edited by Douglas Pye and Michael Walker. Designed by Lucy Fife Donaldson, John Gibbs and James MacDowell.

Issue 2. May, 2011.

movie issue 2 image


The Fritz Lang Dossier, Part 1

Notes on Metropolis
Michael Walker

M: Leading the Blind
Douglas Pye & Iris Luppa

Das Testament des Dr Mabuse
Michael Walker


Susan Hayward in the 50s
Edward Gallafent

Madame Bovary, C’est Moi – Signed, Vincente Minnelli
Mark Rappaport


Robin Wood: A Tribute

Psychoanalyse de Psycho / Psychoanalysis of Psycho
Robin Wood

Attitudes in Advise and Consent
Robin Wood

In Memoriam Michael Reeves
Robin Wood

Sense of Dislocation
Robin Wood

Signs and Motifs
Robin Wood

Moments of Release
Robin Wood

Call Me Ishmael
Robin Wood


Issue edited by Douglas Pye and Michael Walker. Designed by Lucy Fife Donaldson, John Gibbs and James MacDowell.

Issue 1. August, 2010.

Movie issue 1 image



Ian Cameron: a Tribute
V. F. Perkins

Films, Directors and Critics
Ian Cameron, reprinted from Movie 2

Access and Excess in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Lucy Fife Donaldson

Sleeping with Half Open Eyes: Dreams and Realities in The Cry of the Owl
John Gibbs

Fugitive Physicality and Female Performance in Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s The Marriage of Maria Braun, Veronika Voss and Lola
Kate Leadbetter

Notes on Quirky
James MacDowell

At the Border: the Limits of Knowledge in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada and No Country for Old Men
Douglas Pye

Limbo: Frustrated Narration
Deborah Thomas

Acting Ordinary in The Shop Around the Corner
George Toles

The Rhetoric of The Wire
James Zborowski

Review: Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, Pordenone, 3 – 10 October 2009
Michael Walker

Robin Wood & Ian Cameron

Issue edited by Edward Gallafent and John Gibbs. Designed by Lucy Fife Donaldson, John Gibbs and James MacDowell.