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Exhibitions & Displays, Tiny Traces: African & Asian Children at London's Foundling Hospital

Explore newly uncovered stories of African and Asian children in the care of the eighteenth-century Foundling Hospital.

Tiny Traces presents a rich history of London life from 1739-1820, a key period in Britain’s colonial past. Follow the stories of more than a dozen children from the African and Asian diasporas through personal items, physical artefacts, works of art and archival documents. Visitors can also explore the circumstances surrounding their admission to the Hospital, including the parents’ lives, the Hospital’s ties to Empire and the wider picture of colonial Britain.

Curated by Warwick PhD researcher Hannah Dennett

30 Sep 2022 - 19 Feb 2023

Wed 28 Sep 2022, 11:11

James Poskett's book Horizons shortlisted


Completing the shortlist is Horizons: A Global History of Science in which James Poskett, Associate Professor in the History of Science and Technology at the University of Warwick, challenges the traditional Eurocentric narrative in a radical retelling of the history of science and celebrates scientists from Africa, America, Asia and the Pacific and the parts they played in this story. This is his first book for a general readership.

Thu 08 Sep 2022, 09:00

GHCC members James Poskett and Claire Shaw appear in Nature

Scientists in Ukraine have long fought for scientific freedom

Tue 06 Sep 2022, 11:12

Maxine Berg selects her 'Five Best Books' on global history

From the Indian cottons that were traded around Asia and Africa in the Middle Ages, to the global dominance of the blue-and-white pottery of Jingdezhen, historian Maxine Berg introduces five books that transformed our understanding of the past millennium and are significant milestones in the development of the vibrant field of global history.

Thu 28 Jul 2022, 20:47

The History of Science and the 'Big Picture'

Recordings of the talks are now available for watching online hereLink opens in a new window. For the original programme, see hereLink opens in a new window.

Fri 01 Jul 2022, 12:25

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