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Steering Committee

Professor Christopher Breward (University of Edinburgh)

A specialist in 19th- and 20th-century fashion and design, Prof. Breward is the Principal of the Edinburgh College of Art and Vice-Principal of the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Luca Mola (European University Institute, Florence, Italy)

An expert on medieval and renaissance luxury, Prof. Molà is an economic historian and has written on the silk industry and on property rights in Renaissance Italy.

Professor Ulinka Rublack (University of Cambridge)

A cultural historian of early modern central Europe, Dr Rublack has written widely on gender, material culture and fashion. Her book Dressing Up (2010) won the 2011 Roland H. Bainton Prize.

Professor Qing Wang (Warwick Business School)

An expert on research of marketing, main areas include the links between firm's marketing capabilities and innovation capabilities under different environment;consumer adoption of radically new products and luxury brand consumption. Her work has been published widely.