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Aims and Objectives

The proposal to establish the Centre confirmed the Faculty’s commitment to enhance both the strategic planning and the funding of its research; to raise the national and international profile of the humanities at Warwick, and to encourage research at all levels among faculty – from the youngest to the most senior members. It also sought to address the need for a Faculty-wide body to co-ordinate the promotion and development of research in the arts.

The aims and objectives of the Centre are to:

  • provide an over-arching structure for research activities in the Humanities;
  • help develop strategic thinking on research in the Arts at Warwick by supporting Warwick's Global Research Priorities;
  • work with RIS to encourage and support the Faculty’s research excellence;
  • raise the public profile of Arts research at Warwick within the wider scholarly community and beyond;
  • promote research activities among all staff in the Faculty, with due regard to their particular needs;
  • help consolidate existing research activities in the Arts;
  • initiate new research activities and groupings;
  • encourage and support interdisciplinary research within the Faculty and between Faculties;
  • advise on and encourage the pursuit of outside funding for Arts research