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HRC Committee members

HRC Committee Members for 2017/18 are as follows:

Chair, Director of the HRC: Dr Christina Lupton (English)

The Chair of the Board of the Faculty of Arts, ex officio: Professor Simon Gilson

Members of academic staff from the Faculty of Arts:

Dr Liz Barry (English and Comparative Literary Studies)

Dr Fabio Camilletti (Italian)

Dr Clément Dessy (French)

Prof. Beat Kümin (History)

Dr Rachel Moseley (Film and Television Studies) Spring and Summer Terms

Dr Liese Perrin (Research and Impact Services)

Dr Victoria Rimell (Classics and Ancient History)

Dr Johannes Roessler (Philosophy)

Dr Margaret Shewring (Theatre and Performance Studies)

Professor Paul Smith (History of Art)

Dr Katie Stone (German Studies)

Dr Tom Whittaker (Hispanic Studies)