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The HRC sponsors many workshops, symposiums and conferences. These range from half-day events to 3-day international residential conferences. Details about conferences can be obtained from the HRC or from the conference organisers.

Conference Archive

HRC Doctoral Fellowship Conferences

The Politics of Sedition in Long Nineteenth Century Britain: A Social and Cultural Discourse - Saturday 10th November 2018

Constructions of Love and the Emotions of Intimacy, 1750-1850 - Saturday 9th February 2019

'Fleshing Out Words: Poetry on Objects, from the Classical Epigram to the Modern Light Poems' - Saturday 9th March 2019

Translating Philosophy and Theory - Style, Rhetoric and Concepts - Saturday 11th May 2019

 Other HRC Sponsored Conferences

Visuality of Text: Interdisciplinary approaches to the display of the word - Saturday 20th October 2018

Seventeenth Century England: A Symposium in Honour of Bernard Capp - Saturday 20th October 2018

The Legacy of Watership Down: Animals, Adaptation, Animation - Saturday 10th November 2018

"Bites Here and There": Literal and Metaphorical Cannibalism Across Disciplines - Saturday 17th November 2018

MINDGRAD 2018:Perception and Perceptual Knowledge - 1st - 2nd December 2018

“Nietzsche, Psychologist of Décadence” - Seminario Permanente Nitezscheano - 19th - 21st December 2018

Parish Research Symposium - Parish Participation - Saturday 18th May 2019

Coins and Visual Media: influences, connections and intersections - Thursday 13th June 2019

Urban Identities Past and Present - Thursday 27th June 2019