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Refugee Scholars: Warwick and Chile

Monday 16th November 2015 / Venue - Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre / Time - 5.00 pm

Guest speakers

John King

Alan Phillips

Catalina Palma

Refugee Scholars: Warwick and Chile

This year Warwick is giving 10 scholarships to refugees wanting to study at University, but did you know that in the mid-late 1970s a government funded project, administered by World University Service, gave almost a thousand grants to students and academics fleeing persecution in Chile to come to UK universities including Warwick? This session will re-unite Alan Phillips, Catalina Palma and John King. Alan, a former Warwick SU President, was a driving force behind this scheme and was General Secretary of the World University Service. Catalina was the first Chilean to come to Warwick, she now works for CONICYT, the Chilean government educational grant giving body. John is Emeritus Professor of Latin American Literature and taught at Warwick from the 1970s until his recent retirement. They will remind us that Warwick has been supportive of refugees for a long time.

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