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Thursday, November 25, 2021

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Feelings of Freedom Festival – Warwick Arts Centre

Runs from Thursday, November 25 to Friday, November 26.

Feelings of Freedom Festival – Warwick Arts Centre

Join us Thu 25 - Fri 26 November for an engaging series of talks about freedom.

Organised in collaboration with Warwick Arts Centre and as part of the Resonate Festival/Coventry City of Culture, this is a two-day festival of ideas, culture, talks and provocations, exploring what freedom means to different people in different contexts. We want visitors to the Arts Centre to challenge their own thinking and beliefs, and through these events to re-examine how freedom is experienced and understood; its value and its cost; and the contested nature and significance of freedoms over time and space.

There is no limit to our exploration – from freedom of speech and no-platforming, to the policing of the pandemic; from trust in government, to fake news in ancient Greece; from the science that underpins government policy on lockdown, to local women resistance fighters in WWII; from human trafficking and slavery to ways of protecting women from sexual assault.

We want to explore whether freedom is always a good thing, and how it feels to live without it.

View the speakers and get your free tickets here: