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Chinese 6 (LL313)



This module will be offered to students who already have a good knowledge of Chinese: 2 years or more of intensive study or work in the native speaking countries, good A level, or those who have completed Learning Chinese 5 or equivalent to that covered by the Learning Chinese 5 syllabus. Simplified Chinese characters will be taught and assessed.

Main Objectives:
  • To develop linguistic competence in accomplishing a broad range of complex and non-routine tasks across a wide and often unpredictable variety of business contexts;
  • To increase intercultural and social awareness essential to practical communication in doing business in/with the Chinese community of the world.
  • Students will also learn to reflect their own strengths, weaknesses and strategies in language learning.

This 30 CREDIT module is also available for 24 CREDITS.


2 hours' language classes per week for 21 weeks.


Zhiyan GUO

Course books:

《高级速成商务汉语》(I)李晓琪主编, Peking University Press. ISBN: 978-7-301-13721-5

《高级速成商务汉语》(II) 李晓琪主编, Peking University Press. ISBN: 978-7-301-13722-2


New Age Chinese-English Dictionary. The Commercial Press, 2007 (ISBN:7-100-04345-X/H 1085)

Course Description:

This module will focus on further developing communicative competence of Chinese to a higher level, improving fluency and accuracy in both oral and written performances in business-related settings. Students will also be trained to use Chinese to solve problems possbily encountered in business cases, and to develop more advanced reading and writing techniques. It will involve student presentation on certain chosen topics and group discussion. The teaching is mainly based on authentic materials from media of the native speaking countries. The stimulus material (aural, written and visual) not only provides further consolidation of Chinese linguistic elements but also offers more insights into Chinese Business world.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

  • Communicate orally in Chinese with developed accuracy and fluency in a range of predictable and unpredictable business contexts.

  • Gather information from authentic texts on a variety of informal and formal/technical/business genres.

  • Use their enhanced knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, syntax and register to produce formal business letter and reasonably long reports.

  • Increase intercultural knowledge and understanding of the business world in the Chinese-speaking community.


  • Price Inquiry and Negotiation

  • Company/enterprice Types
  • Goods Delivery and Payment
  • Signing a Contract
  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Sales and Service
  • Enterprise Management and Culture
  • Various grammar structures
  • Complex and compound sentences
  • Formal business vocabulary and terminology
  • Colloquial expressions
  • Set phrases and collocations