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Marking Criteria for Writing (Chinese 6)

Accuracy of syntax and grammar/ Style, range and sophistication of language and expression (70)


Communication of ideas/task fulfilment/overall structure (30)


Point on scale

Outstanding – hardly any mistakes, even when more advanced language is used. A very wide range of appropriate vocabulary, idioms and structures. Style enhances essay. All characters written correctly.

96% (67)

Innovative, varied, insightful, structured. Very strong arguments.

96% (29)

Excellent 1st

Excellent in terms of clarity, style and structure. Highly accurate. Structures appropriate to the level,some used naturally. Ambitious and complex range of language. Good and varied topic-specific vocabulary. Appropriate use of register throughout. Almost all characters written correctly.

89% (62) 81% (57) 74% (52)

Thorough, in-depth understanding of subject matter evident, together with consistently well-supported critical analysis throughout. Excellent cohesion of the text.

89% (26) 81% (24) 74% (22)

High 1st Mid 1st Low 1st

Clear and coherent with only occasional lapses in style. Well-constructed sentences and paragraphs on the whole. High standard of accuracy overall. Vocabulary in an appropriate register. Structures appropriate to the level. Most characters written correctly.

68% (48) 65% (46) 62% (44)

Comprehensive grasp of wide range of aspects of subject matter and good display of analytical thinking backed by evidence. Some interest and variety.

68% (20) 65% (19) 62% (18)

High 2.1 Mid 2.1 Low 2.1

Most information is communicated well. Some lapses of clarity and expression caused by inappropriate lexis Insufficient use of connectors and occasional grammatical inaccuracy, particularly in more complex sentences. Although there are a number of mistakes in characters, they are still recognisable, and do not obscure the meaning.

58% (41) 55% (38) 52% (37)

Fairly good grasp of main issues and some attempt at discussion and analysis. Some deficiency in structure and argument. May lack overall coherence. Performance not sustained through.

58% (17) 55% (16) 52% (15)

High 2.2 Mid 2.2 Low 2.2

Some attempt to use language structures appropriate to the level of proficiency expected at this stage. Overall performance marred by numerous lexical and grammatical errors. Sentence and paragraph construction poor, causing comprehension to be impeded in parts. Repetitions. Mistakes in writing characters are evident.

48% (34) 45% (32) 42% (30)

Some awareness demonstrated of main issues but poor grasp of overall picture and no attempt at analysis. Very weak arguments. Ideas are not clearly conveyed.

48% (14) 45% (13) 42% (12)

High 3rd Mid 3rd Low 3rd

Severely limited lexis. 
Uses only basic language structures. 
Little or no cohesion in the text. 
Accuracy very poor. 
Inappropriate register.

There are many omissions and mistakes in writing characters.

38% (27) 25% (18) 12% (8)

No or little awareness demonstrated of main issues. Superficial, lacking in structure and argument.

38% (11) 25% (7) 12% (4)

High Fail Mid Fail Low Fail

Essentially nothing of value


Essentially nothing of value