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French for Business 2 (LL251)

(Equivalent to level 6)



Advanced. The module is offered to undergraduates who already have an advanced knowledge of French: i.e. good A level + 1 year of further study (or equivalent), or who have successfully completed French 5 or French for Business - Advanced 1. Students from the French department can take it as an option in first year, as they are accelerating their knowledge of French concurrently in other French modules.

Main Objectives:

To communicate more effectively in French in the business context.


30 CREDITS, also available as a 24 CREDITS.


One 2-hour language class each week for 21 weeks.
Students are reminded that 1 credit = 10 hours of study, therefore the minimum expected amount of study is 240 hours, which averages over 10 hours per week. A substantial amount of independent study is therefore required. Students can make use of Moodle to facilitate this.

Students will take part in the online exchange with the Université Clermont Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France.


Claude Trégoat

Course Text (must be bought by student)

Penfornis, Jean-Luc (2017), - Français professionnel - Niveau B2/C1, Clé International, ISBN-13: 978-2090386820

Course Description

The emphasis of the module will be on improving the following skills:

  • communicating more effectively in French in the business context, in situations ranging from informal conversation to formal interviews, negotiations or presentations
  • developing competence in reading and listening
  • gaining practice in writing essays and business letters, and preparing reports in French
  • learning French business procedures

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students will have:

  • developped competence in a broad range of complex and non-routine language tasks across a wide and often unpredictable variety of business contexts
  • consolidated and expand grammatical and syntactical competence
  • acquired the specific terminology used in the business world and associated media

By the end of the course, students should be able to perform at Level C1 Proficient user (operational proficiency) of the Common European Framework.


The module is delivered in French and the syllabus will include the following:


  • issues affecting the economy and companies
  • applying for a job: writing a curriculum vitae & a cover letter, and preparing for interviews
  • bank and finance
  • revenue and taxes
  • organisation of French companies
  • management
  • marketing & advertising
  • the labour market
  • industrial relations


Consolidation and extension of existing language skills.


Assessment Scheme:

1 interim test (term 1), 1 oral examination and 1 final examination (term 3)

Assessment summary and skills weighting: Assessment

Marking criteria (written): marking criteria

Marking criteria (oral): Marking criteria (oral) levels 6 and 7