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Module Information


  Language Centre

  LL 2120

  German 5: 2013-2014

For a full description of the module and its level, book lists and assessment schemes you should consult the Language Centre website at

It is important that you attend all the timetabled sessions and that you participate fully in all associated activities. Be sure to give advance notice of any unavoidable absence.

It is your responsibility to complete all work set for the module. Any written work set must be handed in on time: work handed in late may not be marked.

It is further your responsibility to attend for all formal assessments. You are required to attend at the time of your normal meeting: unless you have express permission, you will not be allowed to attend at any other time.

Formal assessments are timetabled as follows:

Portfolio Submission: Term Week 20

Listening: Term Week 20

Oral Examination: Term Weeks 23/24/25

Final Examination (written): week 24

Weightings (%) are as follows:

Portfolio 20%

Listening: 10%

Oral Examination 25%

Final Examination 45% Reading/Writing