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Spanish Intermediate Accelerated (LL257)



The module is designed to enable students who have demonstrated higher linguistic skills to complete two levels, (levels 3 and 4), in one year instead of two.

Main Objectives:

To improve and strengthen reading and writing skills, listening and speaking skills and develop greater fluency in a Spanish-speaking environment.

This is a 24 or 30 CREDIT module.


3 hours language class each week for 21 weeks.
Students are reminded that 1 credit = 10 hours of study, therefore the minimum expected amount of study is 240 hours, which averages over 10 hours per week. A substantial amount of independent study is therefore required.



Course Texts (must be bought by student):

  • NUEVO PRISMA A2 - Libro del alumno + CD. Edinumen. ISBN: 978-84-9848-370-3 -- New edition.
  • NUEVO PRISMA A2 - Libro de ejercicios + Extensión digital. Edinumen. ISBN: 978-84-9848-372-7 -- New edition.
  • NUEVO PRISMA B1 - Libro del alumno + CD. Edinumen. ISBN: 978-84-9848-637-7 -- New edition
  • NUEVO PRISMA B1 - Libro de ejercicios + Extensión digital. Edinumen. ISBN: 978-84-9848-639-1 -- New edition

These books can be purchased from the University Bookshop, telephone: (024) 7652 3388.

Course Description

Teaching will be primarily in the target language. Writing and speaking activities will be supported by authentic written and spoken materials focusing on aspects of Spanish/Latin American life and culture. Students will also be encouraged to read articles in Spanish regularly to keep up to date with events in the Spanish-speaking world.

Successful completion of Intermediate Accelerated Spanish qualifies students to progress to Spanish 5.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • apply a basic knowledge of grammar appropriate to the level
  • develop strategies for locating information and understanding structure
  • understand and produce the main ideas of complex text on concrete and abstract topics
  • understand extended speech in a variety of contexts, and the gist of most current affairs programmes and films (including implied meaning)
  • read articles and reports concerned with contemporary problems
  • interact with fluency and spontaneity, and account for and sustain viewpoints
  • write clear detailed text on a wide range of subjects; explain viewpoints on topical issues, giving advantages and disadvantages


Communicative skills

This module will cover items such as: giving advice; describing anecdotes in the past; expressing commands; making promises; expresing wishes; talking about hypothesis; making predictions; giving opinions; justifying actions; expressing agreement and disagreement.


This module will cover items such as: the past tenses (preterit, present perfect, imperfect, pluperfect), the future tense, the conditional, direct and idirect object pronouns, the subjunctive.


Some of the topics to be discussed in this module include: history, new technologies, fairy tales, leisure activities, the environment, health, sports, social media, education.