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Dr Christine Shaw

Dr Christine Shaw
AHRB Centre for the Study of Renaissance Elites and
Court Cultures
MA, DPhil (Oxford), FRHistS

Research Specialism

Fifteenth- and sixteenth century Italian history.

Current Projects

Sienese political life in the later fifteenth-century; Italian conciliar institutions in the later fifteenth-century; Genoese faction and political life; Roman and Genoese baronial landholding elites.

  • L’ ascesa al potere di Pandolfo Petrucci il Magnifico, signore di Siena (1480-1500) (Siena, 2000)
  • The Politics of Exile in Renaissance Italy (Cambridge, 2000).
  • Julius II: The Warrior Pope (Oxford, 1993). Italian edition Giulio II (Turin, 1995).
Essay Collections
  • co ed., The World of Savonarola: Italian Elites and Perceptions of Crisis, (Aldershot, 2000).
  • co ed., Dictionary of Business Biography, vols. 2-4 (London, 1983-86). I also contributed c. 50 entries of 1,000-3,000 words each.
Articles and Essays
  • ‘Milan as a centre of political patronage’, in Milano nel primo dominio francese (1499-1512), ed. Letizia Arcangeli (forthcoming).
  • ‘The Roman barons and the security of the Papal States’, in Condottieri e uomini d’arme nell’Italia del Rinascimento (1350-1550) (forthcoming).
  • Article on Charles St John Hornby for the New Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).
  • ‘The motivation for the patronage of Pope Julius II’, in Princes and Princely Culture, ed. Martin Gosman, Alasdair MacDonald and Arjo Vanderjagt (Brill, forthcoming).
  • ‘Counsel and consent in fifteenth-century Genoa’, English Historical Review (forthcoming).
  • ‘Provisions following ‘Proposte Generali’, 1436 and 1456’, in Siena e il suo territorio nel Rinascimento III, ed. Mario Ascheri (Siena, 2000), pp. 109-52.
  • ‘The French invasions and the establishment of the Petrucci signoria in Siena’, in The World of Savonarola: Italian Elites and Perceptions of Crisis, ed. Christine Shaw and Stella Fletcher (Aldershot, 2000).
  • (with Jennifer Britnell), ‘A French Life of Pope Julius II, 1519: Jean Beaufils and his translation of Platina’, in Bibliothèque d’Humanisme et Renaissance, 57 (2000), 103-18.
  • Articles on Sixtus IV, Alexander VI and Julius II for the Encyclopedia of the Renaissance (New York, 2000).
  • ‘Lorenzo de’ Medici and Niccolo Orsini’, in Lorenzo dei Medici: Studi, ed. Gian Carlo Garfagnini (Florence: Leo S. Olschki, 1992), pp. 257-79.
  • ‘Memory and tradition in Sienese political life in the fifteenth century’, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 6th series, 9 (1999), 221-31.
  • ‘Politics and institutional innovation in Siena, 1480-98’, Bullettino senese di storia patria 103 (1996), 9-102, and 104 (1997), 196-307.
  • ‘Political elites in Siena and Lucca in the fifteenth century’, Bulletin of the Society for Renaissance Studies 14 (Oct. 1996), pp. 8-12.
  • Articles on Pope Alexander VI and on Pope Julius II for the Encyclopedia of the Reformation (New York, 1996).
  • ‘The Roman barons and the invasion of Naples in 1494-5’, in The French Descent into Renaissance Italy, 1494-5. Antecedents and Effects, ed. David Abulafia (Aldershot, 1995), pp. 249-61.
  • ‘Engineers in the boardroom: Britain and France compared’, in Management in the Age of the Corporate Economy, 1850-1990, ed. T.R. Gourvish and Y. Cassis (Oxford, 1995).
  • ‘Rome as a centre for Italian political exiles’, in Sergio Gensini (ed.), Roma Capitale: 1447-1527 (San Miniato, 1995), pp. 273-88.
  • ‘British entrepreneurs in distribution and the steel industry’, in Business History: Concepts and Measurement, ed. Charles Harvey (London, 1989).
  • ‘Lorenzo de’ Medici and Virginio Orsini’, in Florence and Italy: Renaissance Studies in Honour of Nicolai Rubinstein, ed. Peter Denley and Caroline Elam (London, 1988), pp. 33-42.
  • ‘A Pope and his nipote: Sixtus IV and Giuliano della Rovere’, in V Convegno Storico Savonese: l’eta dei della Rovere, published as Atti e memorie della Societa Savonese di Storia Patria, n.s., 24 (1988), 233-50.
  • ‘Le fonti d’archivio dell’industria britannica’ in Lingotto: la memoria dell’industria (Turin, 1985).
  • ‘Large manufacturing employers of 1907’, Business History, 25 (1983); reprinted in Business in the Age of War and Aggression, ed. Richard Davenport-Hines (London, 1990).
  • ‘Alexander VI, Cesare Borgia and the Orsini’, European Studies Review, 11 (1981), 1-23.

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