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Dr Jonathan Davies

Dr. Jonathan Davies
Co-Director of Graduate Studies
BA, PhD (Liverpool), FRHistS
Office H320
Telephone +44 (0) 2476 523 420
Fax +44 (0) 2476 572 997

Research Specialisms

  • Elites

  • The social, economic, political, ecclesiastical, and cultural history of the Italian states between 1300 and 1600

  • Ritual

  • European universities between 1150 and 1800

  • The Idea of Europe from Antiquity to the Present

  • History and computing

Publications Authored


Florence and its University during the Early Renaissance (Leiden, Boston, and Cologne: Brill, 1998)

Articles in Refereed Journals

“Elites and Examiners at Italian Universities during the Late Middle Ages,” Medieval Prosopography 21 (2001), 191-209.


“The Studio pisano under Florentine Domination, 1406–1472,” History of Universities 16 (1) (2000), 197­–235.


“A ‘Paper University’?  The Studio lucchese, 1369–1487,” History of Universities 15 (1997–99): 261–306.


“Corruption of the Examination Process at the University of Florence,” History of Universities 14 (1995–96): 69–93.


With P.E.H. Hair, “Sierra Leone and the Grand Duke of Tuscany,” History in Africa 20 (1993): 61–9.


“Marsilio Ficino: Lecturer at the Studio fiorentino,” Renaissance Quarterly 45 (1992): 785–90.


Online Publications


Editor, The Lettere of Lorenzo de’ Medici, 1480-1486: Biographical Data by Humfrey Butters and Michael Mallett (2002-)



F uture Publications


Authored Books


Power and Culture: Tuscany and its Universities, 1473-1600 (Leiden, Boston, and Cologne: Brill).


The Idea of Europe: From Myth to the European Union 

Edited Collection


Elites in History, edited and with an introduction by Jonathan Davies.  Contributors will include John Adamson, Tim Lockley, Christer Petley, Jennifer Ridden, William Rubinstein, and Evan Mawdsley.


Articles in Refereed Journals


“The Bolognese Elite and the Government of the University of Bologna, 1400-1600”. 


“The Structure of Learning at the University of Pisa in the Age of Galileo”.

Essays in Edited Collections


“Ritual at the University of Siena” in Ritual in the Renaissance City, edited by Fabrizio Nevola and Philippa Jackson. 


“The Impact of War on the Italian Universities” in The Impact of War: Italy and the European Powers, 1503-1530, edited by Christine Shaw. 

Online Publication


Florentine and Venetian Elites in the Renaissance: An Online Database of Holders of Major Public Offices, 1400-1600