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Professor Kevin Sharpe

Professor Kevin Sharpe
English and Comparative Literature
M.A. and D.Phil (Oxford), FRHistS
Telephone +44 (0) 2476 523 322
Fax +44 (0) 2476 524 750
Research Interests

The cultural and political history of early modern England.

Current Projects
  • Representations of Authority and Images of Power in England 1500-1700 (New Haven and Harmondsworth, forthcoming)
  • co ed., Reading, Society and Politics in Early Modern England (Cambridge, forthcoming)
  • Reading Revolutions: The Politics of Reading in Early Modern England (New Haven, 2000)
  • Remapping Early Modern England: Studies in Political Culture (Cambridge, 2000)
  • The Personal Rule of Charles I (New Haven, 1995)
  • Criticism and Compliment: The Politics of Literature in the England of Charles I (Cambridge, 1987)
  • Sir Robert Cotton, 1586-1631: History and Politics in Early Modern England (Oxford, 1979)
Essay Collections
  • co ed., Refiguring Revolutions: Aesthetics and Politics from the English Revolution to the Romantic Revolution (Berkeley, 1998)
  • co ed., Culture and Politics in Early Stuart England (Basingstoke, 1994)
  • Politics and Ideas in Early Stuart England: Essays and Studies (New York, 1989)
  • co ed., Politics of Discourse: The Literature and History of Seventeenth-Century England (Berkeley, 1987)
  • ed., Faction and Parliament: Essays on Early Stuart History (Oxford, 1978)
Articles and Essays
  • ‘Restorations and Reconstitutions: Politics, Society and Culture in the England of Charles II’ (forthcoming)
  • ‘Print, Polemics and Politics in Seventeenth Century England’, Journal of British Studies (forthcoming)
  • ‘Introduction’ to Reading, Society and Politics (forthcoming)
  • ‘Reading Revelations: Prophecy, Hermeneutics and Politics in Early Modern Britain, 1560-1720’, in Reading, Society and Politics (forthcoming)
  • ‘Reading James Writing’ in D. Fischlin and M. Fortier, eds., Royal Subjects: Essays on the Writings of James VI and I (Wayne State University Press, forthcoming)
  • ‘ “ So Hard A Text”?: Images of Charles 1, 1612-1700’, Historical Journal 43 (2000), 383-405
  • ‘Van Dyck and Charles 1’, Tate: the Art Magazine 19 (1999), 44-50
  • ‘Representations and Negotiations: Images, Texts and Authority in Early Modern England’ , Historical Journal 42 (1999), 853-81
  • ‘The Royal Image: A comment’, in T. Corns, ed., The Royal Image: Representations of Charles 1 (Cambridge, 1999), 288-309
  • ‘ “Black Tom Tyrant” or a Man of Many Hues? The Political World of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford’, Renaissance Forum 1 (1997), 1-8
  • ‘Celebrating a Cultural Turn: Political Culture and Cultural Politics in Early Modern England’, Journal of Early Modern History (1997), 344-68
  • ‘Refiguring Revolutions’, in Refiguring Revolutions, 1-21, 294-302
  • ‘The Failure of Republican Culture in Seventeenth Century England’, in Refiguring Revolutions, 25-56, 302-11
  • ‘Re-writing Sir Robert Cotton’, in C.E. Wright, ed., Sir Robert Cotton as Collector (1997), 1-42
  • ‘Private Conscience and Public Duty in the Writings of Charles I’, Historical Journal 40 (1997), 643-65
  • ‘James I, Civil War and Restoration’, in J. Moore and R. Smith, eds., The House of Commons: Seven Hundred Years of British Tradition (London, 1996), 83-99, 175-80
  • ‘The Stuarts and Their Courts’ in J. S. Morrill, ed., The Oxford Illustrated History of Tudor and Stuart Britain (Oxford, 1996), 239-57
  • ‘Religion, Rhetoric and Revolution in Seventeenth-Century England’, Huntington Library Quarterly 57 (1995), 255-99
  • ‘The King's Writ: Royal Authors and Royal Authority in Early Modern England’, in Culture and Politics in Early Stuart England, 117-138, 315-6, 343-6
  • ‘Introduction’ to Culture and Politics in Early Stuart England, 1-20, 321-5
  • ‘Private Conscience and Public Duty in the Writings of James VI and I’, in J. Morrill, P. Slack and D. Woolf, eds., Public Duty and Private Conscience in Seventeenth-Century England (Oxford, 1993), 77-100
  • ‘Culture, Politics and the English Civil War’, Huntington Library Quarterly 51 (1988), 95-136
  • ‘Ideas and Politics in Early Stuart England’, History Today (January 1988), 45-51
  • ‘The Court and Household of Charles I’, in D. Starkey, ed., The English Court: from the Wars of the Roses to the Civil War (Harlow, 1987), 226-60
  • ‘The Politics of Literature in Renaissance England’, History 71 (1986), 235-47
  • ‘Cavalier Critic? The Ethics and Politics of Thomas Carew's Poetry’, in Politics of Discourse, 117-46
  • ‘Politics of Discourse’, in Politics of Discourse, 1-20
  • ‘Crown and Parliament’, in Lesley Smith, ed., The Making of Britain: The Age of Expansion (Basingstoke, 1985), 47-61, 171-2
  • ‘Crown, Parliament and Locality: Government and Communication in Early Stuart England’, English Historical Review 101 (1986), 321-50
  • ‘The Personal Rule of Charles I’, in H. Tomlinson, ed., Before the English Civil War (Basingstoke, 1984), 53-78, 178-9, 192-6
  • ‘Court and Commonwealth’, Historical Journal 25 (1982), 735-49
  • ‘Thomas Witherings and the Reform of the Foreign Posts’, Bulletin of the Institute for Historical Research 57 (1984), 149-64
  • ‘Archbishop Laud’, History Today (August 1983), 26-31
  • ‘Faction at the Early Stuart Court’, History Today (October 1983), 39-46
  • ‘An Unwanted Civil War?’, The New York Review of Books (2 Sept. 1982), 43-5
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  • ‘Archbishop Laud and the University of Oxford’, in V. Pearl, Blair Worden, and H. Lloyd Jones, eds., History and Imagination: Essays in Honour of Hugh Trevor-Roper (London, 1981), 146-65
  • ‘The Earl of Arundel, His Circle and The Opposition to the Duke of Buckingham, 1618-1628’, Faction and Parliament, 209-44
  • ‘Introduction: Parliamentary History 1603-1629: In or Out of Perspective’, Faction and Parliament, 1-42
  • ‘History, English Law and the Renaissance’, Past and Present 72 (1976), 133-42