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Professor Peter Mack

Professor Peter Mack
English and Comparative Literature
MA (Oxford), MPhil, PhD (Warburg Institute, London)
Office H531
Telephone +44 (0) 2476 523 663
Fax +44 (0) 2476 524 750


Research Specialisms

Renaissance rhetoric and dialectic, English and European Medieval and Renaissance literature, thought and history.

Current Projects

A study of the relationship between rhetorical training in the Elizabethan grammar school and university, and a range of forms of Elizabethan writing including: romances, histories, conduct manuals, letters, political memoranda, parliamentary speeches, notebooks, personal letters, sermons and religious controversies. Professor Mack is the editor of the journal Rhetorica (University of California Press).

  • Renaissance Argument: Valla and Agricola in the Traditions of Rhetoric and Dialectic (Leiden, 1993)
Essay Collections
  • ed., Renaissance Rhetoric (Basingstoke, 1994)
  • co ed. England and the Continental Renaissance (Woodbridge, 1990)
  • co ed., Geoffrey Chaucer, The Nun's Priest's Tale (Oxford, 1996)
  • co ed., Geoffrey Chaucer, The Miller's Tale (Oxford, 1995)
  • co ed., Geoffrey Chaucer, General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (Oxford, 1994)