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Dr Demmy R. Verbeke ~ Archive Page for Info Only

MA, PhD (Classics, K.U.Leuven). For more information, see:

Academic Background and Employment

Between September 2007 and September 2009, Demmy Verbeke was post-doctoral research fellow in the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, where he contributed to the Renaissance Cultural Crossroads project and taught in the MA in the Culture of the European Renaissance. He subsequently worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in the De Wulf-Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy at KU Leuven (2009-12) and is now head librarian of the Faculty of Arts at KU Leuven, where he teaches Heuristics and Methodology in the BA program and Intellectual History of the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the MA program.

 verbeke, Demmy

The Opportunistic Librarian 6 Aug 2014

In this post summarizing his Digital Humanities 2014 conference paper, Demmy Verbeke (KU Leuven) argues for a scholar-practitioner model of librarianship, with academic libraries structured to incorporate their own research and development.