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Renaissance Journal 8







Foreword - Julian Gardner

Editorial - Jayne Archer and Sarah Knight



Evelyn Korsch (Zürich): "The ‘Loud Joy’: Music as a Sign of Power"

Tim Reinke-Williams (Warwick): "‘Dainty Ducks’ and ‘Naked Frogs’: Desiring Female Honour in the Plays of Thomas Heywood"

Ben Spiller (Sheffield Hallam): "Inconstant Identities on the South Bank: The Duchess of Malfi and the Homeless Visitor"


Conference Report

Alexander Samson (UCL): "1623: The Journey of Prince Charles to Madrid to Negotiate Marriage with the Spanish Infanta, and his Return to London"


Book Reviews

Corinne S. Abate, ed., Privacy, Domesticity, and Women in Early Modern England (Jayne Archer)

Christopher Baker, Caroline Elam and Genevieve Warwick, eds., Collecting Prints and Drawings in Europe, c.1500-1750 (Elizabeth Goldring)

Joseph Loewenstein, Ben Jonson and Possessive Authorship (Tom Lockwood)

Bruce McLeod, The Geography of Empire in English Literature, 1580-1745 (Kevin Sharpe)

Joad Raymond, Pamphlets and Pamphleteering in Early Modern Britain (Angela McShane Jones)