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Welcome to the Jacobethans

 Resources on Thomas Kyd

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    This website:

    • proposes an innovative teaching and learning tool for contextualising the period (see the timeline), and for engaging with the playtexts (see key fragments)
    • makes available an informed space for academic research on the Jacobethans - focusing both on critical history and performance reconstruction and archiving
    • invites and provides templates for new forms of assignment for student work on the plays, the playwrights and the period
    • allows for creative exploration of the performance element in the study of the Jacobethans


    This open-access resource on the page and stage history of five Jacobethan playwrights and nine of their plays combines:

    • interactive databases
    • hypertext and performative readings of play fragments
    • performance reconstruction and archiving
    • up-to-date bibliographies
    • discussion fora