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Volpone - Film Productions

British Film 

1948 - produced by Stephen Harrison, 27 June 1948

1959 - adapted by Donald Wolfit and produced by Stephen Harrison, 16 June 1959

1960 - original air date 7 March 1960 (season 1, episode 22) as part of the TV series 'Play of the Week' 1959-1961

1965 - production for schools, adapted in three parts by Michael Simpson, 21 September-5 October 1965 which broadcast 66 plays (this was 22)

Foreign film

1941 - directed by Maurice Tourneur and adapted by Jules Romains (France, French) Begun in 1938 by Jacques de Baroncelli (with Jean Tissier), the production shut down because of financial difficulties. Maurice Tourneur took over and the shooting resumed on 23rd March 1940 (minus Jean Tissier). The scenes shot in 1938 were incorporated in the final print.

1965 - Norway, Norwegian, TV

1966 - Volpone oder Der Fuchs, directed by Hansgünther Heyme and adapted by Heinrich Carle and Lothar Hirschmann (West Germany, German, TV)

1974 - directed by György Fehér (Hungary, Hungarian, TV)

1978 - directed by Annelies Thomas (West Germany, German, TV)

1978 - directed by Pierre Sabbagh and adapted by Jules Romains; original air date 8 December 1978 as part of the TV series "Au théâtre ce soir" 1966-1985 whcih broadcast 405 episodes (Volpone was 393); (France, French, TV)

1988 - Il Volpone, directed by Maurizio Ponzi and adapted by Leonardo Benvenuti
Piero De Bernardi (Italy, Italian)

2003 - directed by Frédéric Auburtin with a screenplay by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt (French, TV)