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Volpone - RSC 1999

At The Pit:

'The stark opening , revealing Volpone in a  fur-covered bed along with Androgyno and Castrone, highlighted the focus in this production on base emotions and the lust for sex and money. [...] Bestial traits were most notable in the performances of Malcolm Storry as the red-haired fox; Gut Henry as the spidery black-clad Mosca; John Rogan as Corbaccio, a hunch-backed raven-figure and Christopher Good as Voltore, a swishing and swooping vulture.

The whole production emphasised the visceral.

The richness of the visual dimension of the production was apparent in the attention to the use of colour which ranged from the vibrant red was of the opening scene to the green make-up which Volpone applied to signal illness. The deep colours and luxurious textures of the costumes enhanced the sensual quality of the production while their splattered appearance signalled underpinning disintegration and decay. [...]

This Volpone was a muscular piece of work, with hard edges, all carefully encased in striking images.'

Emma Govan, RORD 40 (2001)