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'This amateur community theatre group from Orkney overcame their inevitable limitations with an inventive and atmospheric productions. It began with a choric reading of the prologue, setting a firm religious tone; and it used the large cast of extras, doubling as devils, Sins, papal retinues and courtiers, to surround Faustus repeatedly, creating stage images that denied his pretence to unique superiority.

[T]he usually cut comic scenes were played in full and to strong comic and ironic effect, underlining the triviality of Faustus imagination. Among other inventive staging effects were a large pair of cage-like balances which the Good and Evil Angels strove for dominance; Minotaur and eagle-headed demons; and a large fishing net in which the cast of devils caught and smothered Faustus at the end.'

Gerald M. Berkowitz, RORD 29 (1986-1987), 60-1