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List of reviews:

The Swan

Billington, Michael, 'Just what the doctor ordered', The Guardian, 12 May 1989

Billington, Michael, 'Critic's thrill of terror', Country Life, 18 May 1989 

Coveney, Michael, 'Doctor Faustus', Financial Times, 11 May and 12 May 1989 

Davies, Andrew, 'Flesh pits', Times Educational Supplement, 19 May 1989 

Harris, Chris, 'Doctor Faustus', Oxford Times, 19 May 1989

Ingram, Margaret, 'All hell let loose', Stratford Herald, 19 May 1989 

Kellaway, Kate, 'Soul for sale', Observer, 14 May 1989 

Newcombe, Morris, 'Review', Sunday Telegraph, 14 May 1989

Peter, John, 'A thrilling vision of Marlowe's rebel soul', Sunday Times, 14 May 1989 

Schmidt, Michael, 'Taking risks in hell', Daily Telegraph, 12 May 1989

Tinker, Jack, 'Devilishly clever ... just what the doctor ordered for the RSC in a crisis', Daily Mail, 11 May 1989

Trewin, J. C., 'Lacking in splendour', Birmingham Post, 12 May 1989

Walker, Keith, 'Seriously subversive', Times Literary Supplement, 19 May 1989

Wardle, Irving, 'Into the mouth of hell', The Times, 12 May 1989

The Pit

Davies, Paul, 'Absolutely enthralling', Westminster and Pimlico News, 30 November 1989 

Kemp, Peter, 'Devilish clever', The Independent, 27 November 1989

Kingston, Jeremy, 'Doctor Faustus. The Pit', The Times, 27 November 1989

Spencer, Charles, 'Devilish trick of Doctor Faustus', Daily Telegraph, 28 November 1989